Saturday, 15 June 2013

Thug life

Yesterday I dreamt that I had participated at an exhibition and sold two paintings. Then I was chased by professional assassins. Then my dog was flying in big in elliptical shapes.

Last night I saw that I was with my friend D. She had a big camera and wanted to have our picture taken. She trusted the camera to a random girl that was passing by. The girl looked like a wealthy tourist so it seamed like the right person to ask for help. As soon as D. turned her back the girl started running with the camera. I saw her leaving before anyone else because I was the only one facing her at the time. I instantly started running after her but she got in a taxi. I focused and saw the license plate. I kept repeating it until I got to my friends and wrote it down. We found the taxi in a garage, in a dirty, quiet alley. We went inside and after following some badly-lit corridors we found the culprits. We attacked them and beat them a lot. I grabbed a small man and hit him so much he lost consciousness. I traded him for the camera. We left this place but I was a little bit worried that a) we had started a gang war and b) that they would file charges against us for hurting them so badly. I woke up.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Right-wing terrorist attack

I just remembered; I was at a hotel with P. and another couple that I suspect that they were P's sister and her fiance. We were given a room for four and as we were about to unpack there was a knock on the door. A large man with a large floozy for a girlfriend were paying us a visit and inquiring about our political beliefs. I pushed them out. The fiance wanted to meet them but I yelled at him to stay were he was because our visitors were criminals that had not come over to have a discussion but terrorists that forced people to go on their side. The bullies tried to get through the other door, because the room had two doors, on the same wall but with some distance between them. I tried to push that door shut as well, but the second man kept it open with his foot. I pushed and pushed and managed to lock them out. After a while I checked through the peep-hole on the door and saw that they were not there any more, so I went outside to have a word with the hotel's manager and ask why he let guest get terrorized like this. Instead I just talked to the concierge that was just as shaken as me. This girl led me outside. It was night and a convertible car was parked right in front of the gate. She suggested that we escape with it. I returned back inside, to get P. but saw my company leaving the room and carrying our suitcases. I asked if they had packed my stuff too and they said they had. I checked my luggage but could not find my dog (a plush hush-puppy I sleep with since I was a toddler). The hotel thought there was a bomb in our room and a woman pulled a switch  that was on a nearby wall and the contents of our room exploded and transformed into a single block of something that looked a lot like styrofoam. She gave it to me and told me that the essence of the dog was in it, but I still wanted the real one.
I was very sad and confused. I woke up because I got my period.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bitches 2

    I was working at a bar, or I had gone there on business, it is not clear. The bartender was S. and G.E., a tutor I had in uni., was co-owner. I was talking to S. and I trying to make him interested in me. My laptop was there and when other people approached the bar I got on Facebook. G.E. told me something about how my photos look troubling and that this is why I am not popular. He pointed out a few better ones. I asked for a cigarette and his advice on increasing my popularity but he left without giving any substantial advice. I asked S. for a Pina Colada in a paper cup because I had to go.
   Then I found a dog. It was beautiful. It was tall and dark-grey with blue eyes. It followed me home and I let it stay until I figured out what to do with it. I went to an apartment with P. I think it belonged to his friend M. We were cuddling in bed when P. told me he could not go for another round. He had a very funny expression on his face and looked like a duck. We decided to leave. I presented the new dog to him and asked him if we could keep it. My other dog I. was sitting on my other side and said that the new dog was very clever. They seemed to be doing fine.
   As I  was collecting my things I thought that I should go downstairs and take a few books. I would need them for a tutorial I would give. I remember talking and saying "girls, we should take some of the books".
   I was on the street, walking among a large group of people all of which were girls and most of which I knew. The new dog turned into a girl who told me her life's story, how she had left her house and she had transformed into a dog. I complained that we should have taken the books and she said she would go as a dog to take them.
   The dream ended.

Saturday, 30 March 2013


P. and I were sent to prison after attacking people, during the carnival, with axes. We had not hurt anyone but we had crossed some sort of border and where we got, celebrating the carnival was forbidden. We were sentenced to three and a half years but we were sent to a mixed facility.
Being in there was dreadful. The place was overcrowded and the guards were bullies. I was trying to paint and decided to mix the yellow and red paint in my mouth. I felt disgusted and I had to see a doctor. As I was searching for one I met an old friend of mine, E. . She was trying to take me to one but in the meantime my mouth cleaned by obsessive spitting and rubbing my teeth with my fingers. I wanted to let my mom know that I was there but could not contact the outside world. Then I thought that I should do my tax return in a few days and I was wondering how that would be managed if the state had no way of knowing that I was in prison. Would they give me a fine? Perhaps if I got a document form the prison they would discard my fine. What happens to people with shops if they get sent to prison? Where they allowed a few days to settle their obligations?
It was a very unpleasant dream. Luckily, I woke up.   

Friday, 29 March 2013

traveling back in time

  In this dream I had gone on vacation at some isolated village where I found a friend. He was a man I met a year ago and although I thought he was flirting with me I was told he was not interested in women. He was very polite and a charming fellow. He was exactly like that in the dream too, although what led us to being together is vague. I remember walking with him and visiting sights. The village was very rich and well taken care off and I sort of stuck out. Then I met another man, whom I liked less but he took me to a jewelry shop where he bought me a ring.
  It was night time and we gathered at a bistro and sat outside on the square. Both men were there. I had my eyes on the first man and wanted to get rid of the second. The first man kept staring at me and I back at him but the other fellow did not seem to grasp the situation.
  I returned home with the first man that hagged me and I sat on him on a chair. I told him the story of the second man and the ring and he said he would get me out of it. It was very nice being with him and I was wondering why had my friend M. told me that he would not be interested in me. I followed him at an opening in the forest where the villagers had set a theatre. They all acted and the villagers form the neighbouring village had come over. There was a conflict between the two villages and they stood facing each other ready for a fight.
  Then I travelled back in time and got to the beginning of the dream. I met the guy I liked and tried to explain the situation to him. I was aware that the moment of my departure, so as to travel back in time, was further in the future than the last moment I remembered staying in the village and I was wondering how and why it had happened and if it had to do with our relationship. I woke up